Aething Inc.
Self-contained residences
5Y DeHome Project

Shared cars and bikes

The community also has two common electric bikes - one city bike and one cross bike. All residents can use two common cars: Tesla 3 with autopilot or a car for business meetings or country trips Mercedes Benz Marco Polo.

By a general vote of the community members, the Mercedes Marco Polo car can be replaced with a Toyota Tundra 2023 i-FORCE MAX car with a BruderX EXP4 adventure trailer.
All houses are equipped with furniture, garden furniture and household appliances necessary for living.
All services are monitored and paid for by the service organization within five years. The community provides a common storage space for the tool and any necessary tool. We have included all household trifles such as barbecue and firewood, stairs and lanterns.

The heart of our community is its infrastructure >