An exclusive complex of
Full autonomous houses
Smart Investment
High liquidity

Smart investment

  • Pay in crypto
    You are acquiring a home and become the owner of not only real estate but the owner of the 5Y DeHome technology community, get shares in Aething Inc. for the amount of your investment. We offer our customers any convenient payment option, including all main crypto assets.
  • High Liquidity
    Selling your property with us is very easy to make. Just sell Aething Inc shares. And you probably don't wanna lose your house.
    Houses that bring you a steady income.

    In the future, we will offer our clients a convenient mutual exchange of real estate within the locations of our communities.

    You get not only a smart investment with high liquidity, but also the opportunity to live for you (or your employees) in the most comfortable conditions.
  • Shared Patents and Projects
    Our community owns common projects and patents. The community currently owns one projects:

    Project to create a mobile application for the delivery of firewood and pellets FireWood App.
We offer four types of houses. Choose your >